Book Review: The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church 

I first loved him because he taught me the flight of a bird, precisely how it happens, how it is possible. Lift. Wing structure and shape, the concepts of wing loading, drag, thrust. The perfectly allotted tasks of each differently shaped feather. The hollowness of bones to reduce weight, to overcome gravity. I was too…

Powell’s Books Top 5 of 2016

Powell’s Books Staff Picks of 2016 The link above will take you to a fantastic list of the top five favorites from each staff member at one of my favorite book stores, Powell’s Books in PDX. A great review of the top reads from 2016 and an excellent place to start if you need some bookspiration for the new year! Did any of your favorite reads make the cut? Read Voraciously.

Book Review: The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner

What if my brain is choosing to block out not trauma, but something else altogether? Impossible. I have to dismiss the thought. I have to believe what Jacob is saying. The conversation was all in fun. Just because someone talks about murder, doesn’t mean they intend to actually kill someone. Kyra suffered a traumatic brain…

TBR squared

So many lovely books to be read and to be reviewed. Hoping to get my writing pants back on and post some reviews this weekend. Motivation come out come out where ever you are! What did you all think of these? Read voraciously.