Book obessed? Take this quiz to find out just how much- from Buzzfeed

Take the quiz here to find out how deep your book obsession goes.

To all my bookish followers- I expect high scores 🙂

Read voraciously.

Tell me your score and I’ll share mine!


  1. I got You Got: you’re 94% book-obsessed
    You’re completely and utterly obsessed with books. You love the smell of old books and could while away hours in a huge book shop. Your dream is to one day have a massive library of your own, and nothing is better to you than finding a new favourite book.


  2. 88% – I don’t think it’s too bad. Only because I’m stingy with buying books because my budget doesn’t allow me to get as many books as I’d like. Also, I live in a rental place and I know I’ll be moving again soon. I love books, but I hate moving them!

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