Books to Help Kids Understand What It’s Like to Be a Refugee | Brightly

In light of the ongoing refugee crisis and current political situation in America. Click here to see the list of books children, and, honestly, many adults, should read to gain understanding of what it is like to be a refugee. Read voraciously. 

Hilarious jokes for the well-read- via Buzzfeed

I expect many of you will enjoy these witty literary jokes. Which was your favorite? Read voraciously.

People you meet at book Club- via Popsugar.

Hilarious post curated from the depths of A guilty, time-wasting pleasure of mine. Click the link here. Which one are you? Read voraciously.

Book Review: To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin

Émile looked out over the city, at the river way below, strapped down by its bridges and edged with bright green like verdant lace around a wrist. It was for this the tower was being built, to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, to gift the idea of the city to the people of … Continue reading Book Review: To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin

Million Women’s Voices – Speak up, Stand Out Take some time to put your thoughts to this great cause! One million collective voices.  Read voraciously. 

27 Books Every Woman In America Should Read

In light of the deeply important women's march, check out these books by groundbreaking women- via Buzzfeed Read voraciously.

Powell’s Compendium of Readerly Terms

A hysterical and completely accurate compilation of reading related terms and their definitions. Enjoy! Powell's Compendium of Readerly Terms Which was your favorite? Read Voraciously.